Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda

Yoga and Ayurveda

Liz Turner of Into Yoga and Nature is an experienced Yoga Teacher/ Therapist and Ayurvedic Life-Style Consultant. She teaches Vinyasa Krama yoga, a method applied to the individual and their needs.


Find the right yoga for you! Vinyasa means variations with fixed parameters, so some aspects are essential for health alongside many possibilities for different people.

Work at the right pace for you! Krama means step, so one step is taken at at time. It can be as simple as breathing to support good life force/ convalescence/ energy or as complex as inverting the body. But everything in between to support health, posture, strength, flexibility and mental health.

Receive help with specific health issues! Yoga therapy supports three essential aspects of health – respiration, circulation and digestion. It also lubricates the joints and stimulates bone and muscle growth. Any part of the body can be accessed for health reasons.

Breathe efficiently! The breathing taught with movement not only supports healthy lungs but lowers emotional reactivity creating instead a sense of peace! This can help you to feel great, support mental health and meditate if you wish.


Discover your current body type and use this holistic health system alongside yoga, to feel very self sufficient with your own health. Make accessible changes to diet, take herbs, use oils and receive life guidance to find greater satisfaction in life.

Ayurevda is yoga’s ‘sister science and has been used successfully for at least 5000 years. When you address your overall body imbalance, the aim is to help a number of ailments, being truly holistic.

Our Story

The unique setting of Totnes and surrounding areas provide the backdrop for HealthSource Totnes.

The need to support those suffering ill health caused by recent events and a lack of traditional healthcare provision has inspired us to create a Better Way of Health. We have drawn inspiration from various sources including The World Council For Health in Bath.



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