Our Mission

We are a growing group of natural and integrative health practitioners with a wealth of experience in a range of treatments. Our aim is to help you restore your body’s ability to heal.

When it comes to our health and wellbeing, we believe in informed choices.

We intend to:

do no harm;  Primum non nocere

strive to do our best, whilst recognising that things do not always go to plan.

each take control of, and are responsible for, our own health and wellbeing.

value diversity & different points of view, treating each other with respect.

appreciate natural solutions for good health, as we are all part of nature.

be inclusive, valuing our integrated community & embracing that everyone is different.

We aim to be a beacon of hope for the local community by offering transformative and empowering approaches to create and improve well-being & thus reducing dis-ease.

Our Story

The unique setting of Totnes and surrounding areas provide the backdrop for HealthSource Totnes.

The need to support those suffering ill health caused by recent events and a lack of traditional healthcare provision has inspired us to create a Better Way of Health. We have drawn inspiration from various sources including The World Council For Health in Bath.



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Email: HealthSourceTotnes@protonmail.com

Phone: 01803 866650 (please leave message and we will get back to you)

Mobile: 07983 898701


1 Burke Road
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