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I am an integrative counsellor bringing elements of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, gestalt, creativity and humour into my sessions. My practice is underpinned by inclusivity and a person-centred approach, and I believe in the healing qualities of nature and bring this to my practice, both working in a therapy room and in walk and talk sessions. I work with both teenagers and adult clients. I have a holistic approach to wellbeing and am currently training to be a TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) Practitioner. In addition to my private practice I work therapeutically with young people in care and for a youth charity.


I began studying homeopathy in 2003 and went on to qualify in Vega Testing, Nutrition and Reiki to develop different ways to help people with healing.

I’m happy when I’m learning so I attend regular continuing professional development events and also any workshops that take my fancy.

I live with my husband and our rescue collie and have a higgledy-piggledy blended family who live all over the country and whom I cherish dearly.

I love the beach, whatever the weather or tide, and countryside walks even if it’s sticky and muddy. I also relish quiet times by the fire with a good book and mellow music.

I aim to help people see new possibilities for health in mind and body and to assist them on their path to wellness.


Mike has been a Chartered Physio for 23 years, specialised in Neuro rehab in private practice in Torbay and Exeter for 19 years also trained in many hands on and off approaches for general physio and general well-being from Breathwork where he runs regular workshops in Totnes to UpledgerCST/ Bowen/ Zero Balancing/ Higher Brain Living/ The Reconnection/ Acupuncture (he uses the LX2 Thor laser system) and many many more. He uses a distillation or these approaches and offers workshops, one to ones and home visits for rehab/physio or general professional advice from a holistic perspective.

Call Mike on 07956 409300 and email

Ed & Cheryl 

Rays to Serenity

Hi we are Ed & Cheryl from Rays to Serenity. We are a married couple with two children and passionate about helping others create a more healthier lifestyle through complementary therapies. We specialise in Frequency, BEMER, Reiki, scalar therapy as well as Swedish massage and came about these therapies through our own wellness journey having suffered with various chronic health problems ourselves.

All the therapies we use are non invasive and can assist in a wide variety of health issues. Our aim is to now share with you our knowledge and experience of complementary therapies and how it has improved our lifestyle.

As part of an initial session we have a one to one consultation to see where you are and where we can hopefully assist and from this we organise a therapy plan.

So please make contact with us to find out more about what we can offer. Facebook: Email Call. 07891 566887


I am a retired midwife, having spent most of my working life as a midwife on Dartmoor.
I also have a B Phil in Complementary Health Studies and a Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. 
I now practice as a Soul Healer. I undertook my Soul Healing Training at the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. Soul healing is a subtle and powerful form of energetic, that works with the energies of the whole person, with the physical and energetic bodies, the emotions, thoughts, personality, consciousness and soul, to help bring us back from a state of dis-ease to a state of ease and well-being.
To find out more about this potent form of healing ring:07712218176 or email

Liz Turner

Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda

Address your physical and psychological needs with tailor made movement, breathing, relaxation, meditation, diet and herbs. Plus life coaching.

Be empowered to address specific ailments such as posture, tension, back issues, reduced mobility, constipation, acid digestion, IBS, prolapse, hernia, pelvic floor, asthma, insomnia, skin issues, bones, joints, immunity, cleansing, rejuvenation, women’s health and more! Plus anxiety, depression and the emotions.

Take a step by step approach with practices and changes to make at home.

Initial assessment, ongoing guidance, reviews when necessary.

6 week group programmes on asthma, back care, women’s health, anxiety, emotions and more.

Herbal Formulas: insomnia, inner calm, digestion, acidity, joints, bones, immunity, cleansing, convalescence & more!

p | 07765 631877

Lynn Avis

  • Divine Guidance Readings
  • Guided Meditation Groups
  • Angelic Energy Healer
  • Past Life Karma Clearing
  • Inner Child/Reparenting Healing

I am an Intuitive healer, reader and spiritual teacher. With over 20 years of expereince, I am passionate about helping people remove and heal emotional, mental and physical energy blocks hindering their good health, wellbeing and inner peace.

I love nothing than guiding clients and students to emotional master, empoweing them to trust their own soul wisdom and reconnecting them to the truth of who they are, a divine sovereign being.

To book an appointment or for more information, please text me on 07908086776.



Person Centred Counsellor.

I trained as an integrative counsellor and primarily work in a person centred way, bringing in other modalities depending on the needs of the client. 

I know what it feels like to be anxious. I spent many years feeling out of place in the world and thinking everyone else must have it sorted. The road that led me to decide to train to be a counsellor was challenging and I can truly empathise when clients tell me they feel worried, anxious, lost, lonely, scared, vulnerable, confused.  
We are all on our individual journeys and there are times when it can be helpful to share and talk through some of the issues that arise along the way. I can offer short or long term counselling and I also offer a free initial session so that we can meet and decide whether we feel we could work together. I work with both adults and young people. As a parent myself, I recognise the complexities of the anxiety experienced by many young people. I have a personal interest in neurodiversity and I work with both adults and young people on the autistic/ADHD spectrum.


Cassandra has dedicated herself to creating an ecosystem of self discovery services that guide you to remember, activate and embody your unique significance.

With 10+ years of embodied experience and having invested in mentorships for continued growth and personal transformation, she has since facilitated one to one and group sessions in England, Online and in North America.

She believes when you start to build a relationship to your body, your inner world and your deeper self – you become present to your presence. Then from this place you find access to the fundamental core wisdom held within your body, allowing you to rise while remaining rooted in your truth.

Cassandra offers: Holistic Facial Massage (Gua Sha, Facial Cupping, Lymphatic Drainage, Tension Release), 1-1 Coaching, Myo-Fascial Release Massage, Vinyasa Flow / Neuro Flow / Forrest Inspired Yoga, EmbodyMovement, Soma Inner Journeys, Cacao Circles + Workshops.

Contact Casssandra through or +447480623224


Kiowa is a multi-instrumental intuitive sound alchemist, music mentor and facilitator. Inviting playful self discovery and connectivity in his group practice of Circle Music Medicine. He believes we all hold a golden thread of the great universal weave and endeavours to encourage the unlocking of our full creative potential and expression, together.

Through voice activation, vibrational acupuncture, tuning of subtle energy, body mindfulness meditation, qigong, intentional breath, dream weaving and more, he holds an intuitive space for self realisation and activation. As we grow we store memories and energy in our bodies, sometimes these no longer serve us, so they await the right moment for actualisation and release. Kiowa holds a safe container for this alchemic expansion. Whether in a joyful & playful form or a deeper dive into one’s own inner world.

His own journey to health and wholeness has not been easy. Since infancy he was a test subject of the mis-treatment of western medicine. When the best professionals of western medicine failed to serve his body’s highest good he had to take his healing into his own hands. After a long and difficult transformative journey of 7 years his knowledge has deeply expanded regarding multiple chronic inflammatory dis-eases which were considered irreversible. He now teaches from this place of lived-experience to shine light on the parts of us calling for love and healing.



Transformative Coaching

I am an ICF/EMCC/AC Accredited Transformative Coach and Management Consultant who has dedicated 26 years to empowering and mentoring individuals in unlocking their potential and navigating through life’s transitions towards personal and professional fulfilment. My coaching philosophy centres around strategic questioning, deep listening, authentic connection, and the belief that every individual has an inherent ability to overcome challenges and create their desired realities. My key strength is to stimulate clients’ paradigm shift towards re-evaluating their experiences from a fresh perspective, challenging limiting beliefs, and stepping into new, empowering narratives. With presence, intuition and compassion, I strive to create clarity in the midst of confusion, achieving increased self-understanding and making significant changes in their lives.

Transformative coaching is distinguished by holistic focus on all aspects of life, including emotional management, relationship dynamics, career advancement, and personal values. This comprehensive approach not only enables clients to identify goals, overcome personal roadblocks, and create concrete solutions to achieve their aspirations, but also enhances their self-discovery, innate resilience, and true values. I provide a non-judgemental, collaborative and confidential space that is client-led focusing on thoughts, beliefs, values, goals and challenges that seeks to evoke greater insight on multiple dimensions.

Life is a journey.

Tel: 0044 7505701128


Willow is a gentle being who navigates the world through a lens of curiosity and magic. She has been devoted to earth connection practices for the past 10 years as a way of finding meaning, magic, and healing in her own life. She is a reiki practitioner with a background in grief tending, criminal justice, mental health, and youth work, she weaves a blanket of compassion and healing to hold others in.

‘Rooted Reverence’ is her heart work – offered in response to a world longing for holding and nurturing. By drawing upon the Earth’s natural rhythms and honouring the cycles of life and death, Willow creates nurturing spaces for others to tap into their own innate wisdom and connect with the natural world.

Supporting people through their inner and external transitions to find healing, belonging, and to awaken to the magic within and around them. Healing sessions are intuitive and may include reiki, sacred listening, ritual and ceremony, plant spirit connection, sound, and guided journeys.

From April 2024, Willow will be offering Closing the Bones ceremonies, a somatic ritual that honours and supports women through trauma, loss, postpartum and other rites of passage.


Telephone: 07496261333


I have a love for children and education as a school teacher, I am a mother of two grown-up daughters, and moved to Totnes from Norway seven years ago. For the past four years I have been a full-time end-of -life carer, which opened my eyes and inspired me to learn as much as possible about the ageing process and how to build my own health and happiness.

You are the healer in your life, nobody else can take on the responsibility for what you have created and how you will transform your health. But i’m here to assist. Since I started learning Hawaiian massages at the age of 23, the Huna philosophy has become the backbone of how I see reality connected through body, mind, emotion and spirit. I since then have learned from teachers in Ayurveda, naturopathic nutrition and Chinese daoist energy work and medicine.

I offer Lomi Lomi massages, Chi Nei Tsang abdominal detox massage and Living Nutrition Consultations. I give talks, run online cleansing retreats and facilitate a weekly Qigong class. Book a 15 min free consultation for us to understand what you need and how I can help.

Email :

Phone : 07483237838 


Transformational Breathwork Coach

I have always love growing as a person and studied many different modalities over the years. In the beginning of 2023 I found breathwork and feel in love with it. I trained with an amazing authentic team and at last I have found my purpose work.

Rolling out across the world… 9D Breathwork..this is like nothing you have tried before
Amazing results by just doing conscious, slow, deep breathing and listening to 9 dimensions of sound and guidance that helps to access and reprogramme the subconscious mind.

Release anxiety, stress, trauma, limiting beliefs, pain, sadness and instead gain clarity, connection, peace and calmness…all without having to say a word! Imagine how your life could be…


Energy Healing– Chakra Alignment

Sarah Kiaer grew up in Denmark, where she took an early interest in energy healing and a holistic way of looking at well being and health.

She trained at The Scandinavian Healer School in Copenhagen and has since developed an approach to healing that tunes into our connection to Gaia, our heart centre and the divine aspects of our being. Through her work with energy points, light, colours and lately sound, the chakras are brought into alignment, and the body is then in a state where healing can take place.

Energy healing can help with a variety of conditions, including dealing with stress, aiding relaxation and well being. After an initial consultation and healing session, she will put together a personalised routine, focusing on energy exercises and affirmations.


Aly Whitley


Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist. I provide a mobile phlebotomy service and use live and dried blood analysis in my consultations.

The blood is our life force. It delivers nutrients and oxygen, hormones and neurotransmitters, and has many other functions, to 40 trillion cells, the cells that we are made of. We have 60,000 miles of capillaries and the blood circulates the entire body every 3 mins.

Darkfield Microscopy looks at dried and live blood samples magnified by 1000x. We can observe the health and state (terrain)of the blood at that particular time, which will give indications along with an in depth consultation about the health of the person and what needs to be done first.
If we want optimum physical and mental performance from our body we need to ensure our cells are equipped with the right tools.

Call Aly for more info on 07711534034 or visit

Nickie Aven

Nickie is a grief facilitator and funeral celebrant with many years experience. She has worked in the field of dying and grieving since 2000 and has also experienced her own profound losses. Her approach to everyone, whether they are preparing for death or learning to live with loss, is gentle, compassionate and understanding.

Nickie offers one to one support sessions online and in person; she runs groups both ongoing and as retreats; and she creates beautiful ceremonies and rituals tailored to the individual.

Nickie is also a writer and has a blog where she writes fortnightly on “journeying with love, loss and senior railcard”.



RN Post Graduate Specialist Community Nurse

Health Guide

If you are concerned about an urgent or chronic health condition and struggling to know what to do or which direction to take then I hope to help and support you to begin to assess your health holistically, to find the right path and therapies for you and to take the appropriate steps to start to heal. I am a retired specialist community and hospital based nurse and have worked in oncology, paediatrics and community health. I have learnt about the good and the bad of conventional medicine and now also use and recommend the wide range of more natural therapies available to promote, restore and maintain health. I can also act as an advocate to support you with hospital or community appointments.

I am now studying a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine.

Please message or call 07983 898701. All missed calls are returned as soon as possible.

This service is provided on a voluntary basis but with a donation to HealthSource.

Our Story

The unique setting of Totnes and surrounding areas provide the backdrop for HealthSource Totnes.

The need to support those suffering ill health caused by recent events and a lack of traditional healthcare provision has inspired us to create a Better Way of Health. We have drawn inspiration from various sources including The World Council For Health in Bath.



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